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24 Hour Emergency Towing and Vehicle Recovery in Lubbock, TX

At Lubbock Tow Truck Company, we pride ourselves in helping you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Fender Benders and accidents happen every day in Lubbock and Lubbock Tow Truck Company will be onsite to help you any time day or night. Our auto recovery service is the best in town at towing your disabled or damaged vehicle off the highway and towing it to a local repair, body shop or local auto repair company. Our tow truck drivers arrive prepared to tow any vehicle and provide you the best tow truck service.  


Did you get in a wreck in Lubbock? We are there! Did someone hit you at Texas Tech? No problem! Did you go to the game and total your car?  We are there for you! Were you driving on 27, 289, 62, or 84 and get into a fender bender? Lubbock Tow Truck Company is here to help you no matter where you are!


We can tow any car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycles, choppers, tour buses, RVs, and more. We have flat bed tow trucks, wheel lift tow trucks, winches, tow dollies, and other state of the art technology to tow any vehicle, large or small. We can also tow 4WD, AWD, large vans, and dually trucks.


Our professional technicians are available to provide safe towing services for you anywhere in Lubbock, TX. We position our tow trucks throughout Lubbock, TX near 27, 289, 62, 84 and more.


As a result, they can arrive at your location with 30 minutes. Any time day or night, you can count on our expert dispatchers, technicians, and drivers.

Lubbock Tow Truck Company offer towing and 24 hour tow truck and roadside assistance service in or near Lubbock, TX
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Lubbock Tow Truck Company offers towing service and accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
No matter what time of day you need towing service in Lubbock, Lubbock Tow Truck Company offers 24 hour roadside assistance service 7 days a week.
Lubbock Tow Service has a 100% best price guarantee on all of our towing services in Lubbock and emergency roadside services.
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